Thrust Xtreme

Thrust Xtreme 1.1

Neon tribute to an arcade classic


  • Good graphical effects
  • Gameplay faithful to the original
  • Configurable controls and level editor included


  • Very hard


Thrust Xtreme is a slightly updated version of the ancient Thrust arcade. It brings some Geometry Wars-style color to the action, but otherwise, nothing has changed!

On every planet you must pilot your ship down to the surface or below, and retrieve the Klystron pod. Every planet has defenses, that have to be defeated on your way.

What makes Thrust Xtreme difficult, like the original, is controlling your ship using thrust against gravity. It's a game that requires steady nerves and a light touch. Navigating some of the passages is hard enough, but add enemy turrets, and a payload to tow and things get really awkward! Tough the ground or a wall, and you lose one of only three lives, and there is no save game. It's unforgiving!

Perhaps the reason Thrust is not as well remembered as Space Invaders or Pacman is because it's such a slow and challenging game. It's worth playing, and if you like the concept, Thrust Xtreme is really well made. It's definitely an acquired taste, though!

Thrust Xtreme has a cool retro look, and super hard retro gameplay to match. If you have never played it, try, but be prepared for lots of dying

Thrust Xtreme


Thrust Xtreme 1.1

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